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The Hemisphere Sim 2 is a simulator with two motion axes ( 2 DOF). It is possible to carry many different motions over the user because of the electric and high dynamical power unit. After a little time of acceptance this motions are perceived from the brain as forces of acceleration and braking forces. The system has a compact and powerful dimension by reason of the hemisphere mounting. So one person with a weight till 200 kg can be moved without problems. Three TFT monitors covers the entire field of vision of the pilot. This makes the trip into the virtuel world even more impressive. A 5.1 Surround sound system is directed of the user, so the driver has the right sound without other persons are bothered. If wished, the public can be comprised into the event with monitor loudspeakers. A König-body-contoured seat with a Schroth-four-point-belt carries the motions very direct and realistic. The noise development from the motioned parts is very low. The noise is lower than that of persons, who converce with someone. 


Currently the adaptor for a jet simulation package using a joystick and thrust controller is being developed to determine the function for flight simulation. You can arrange an appointment by e-mail if you would like a personal trial (in the Dillingen/Do. District). You could also visit an exhibition or trade fair to test the system. Please refer to the “News” page for the dates of these events.